• It is an automation framework for tests on navigations.

  • Web / Mobile that allows to analyze functional flows, data through the use of real browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge).

  • It allows to generate load, go through web pages and take dynamic actions based on the information collected. It is integrated with tools of operative intelligence that allow to exploit the results like AuditWatch or Splunk.

  • Process Robotics Automation (RPA).

  • It allows to generate load on Mobile (Android or iOS).

  • Customizable reports.

  • Notices using trap, smart messaging bots, mail, etc.

The availability of the Robotester solution on IBM Bluemix allows companies to further streamline their evaluation processes of their http applications, services and mobile app, with the ability to continuously test applications, emulating real users and mobile applications on hundreds of devices real, sending your quality applications faster to end users.