Software Architecture

  • Analysis for improvement opportunity identification

  • Comparison with industry standards

  • Elaboration of proposal based on latest trends and technologies

  • Adjustment of solution to the client's need






Our services

Software Factory Startup


  • Definition of products, regulations and procedures

  • Initial assembly and handling of Informatic Environments, covering the complete cycle of Software development (Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Certification and production).

  • Automation of processes, using the most innovative, recommended and updated practices in the industry



Testing / Certification of projects in Development


  • Creation of Test Plan

  • Execution of Test cases

  • Unit, Integration, regression and Capacity Test.







End to End Analysis of Performance

  • In complex applications, or of Critical Mission.

  • Preparation of proposal with opportunities for improvement










Development of solutions

  • Using proven methodologies.

    • OOP - Object Oriented Programming, RUP - Rational Unified Process, SCRUM , XP - Extreme Programming

  • Using industry standard tools such as:

    • Platform for publishing distributed objects: Java / j2EE, Aplications Servers (Weblogic, Websphere),

    • Persistence frameworkworks: JPA, Hibernate, Kodo

    • Frameworks Webs: Struts, JSF, Velocity, Grails, Flex

    • Languages: Cobol, Java, ActionScript, HTML, XSL, SmallTalk, C, C ++, Spring, Jasper.

Implementation and support of Applications

  • In complex computer environments or with high integration with other products.

  • Addressing common problems of systems that can not be stopped (Critical mission 7 x 24).

  • Using proven techniques (Arming of parallels, test databases, data dump, etc)